SC Solutions is a high-technology company located in the heart of Silicon Valley, specializing in Structural Engineering, Advanced Process Control Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering.

SC Solutions’ structural engineering team provides tailored services and tools to a wide range of civil/structural/mechanical industries, based on 25+ years of experience in high-end numerical analysis of complex infrastructure systems. We continuously improve our unique and advanced tools and techniques and deploy them on projects to assess diverse critical infrastructure subjected to extreme loads and events such as earthquakes, dynamic impact, thermal shock, construction transients, and soil-structure-fluid interaction effects. Our technical expertise and innovative approaches benefit our facility owner, designer, and contractor clients alike. We provide services in the areas of performance-based design, analysis and simulation, conceptual design development, design and construction optimization, vulnerability assessment, retrofit validation, risk assessment and mitigation, design criteria development, independent reviews, and many more.  SC can assist you today with ensuring the safety and reliability of your facility for years to come.

SC Solutions’ control engineering team has extensive experience in control design, modeling of physical systems, real-time software, signal processing, optimization, system identification, and fault diagnostics for semiconductor, advanced materials manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, aerospace, and defense industries. Our high-performance, model-based control software is used in key processes in integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing. Many of our controllers have been in operation in fabs worldwide for more than two decades. SC’s physics-based models are also used for equipment design, process optimization, fault diagnostics, and health monitoring. In addition, we perform innovative work in control systems research. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team is ready to help you with your control and modeling needs.

SC Solutions is 100% employee-owned and is a certified California small business. SC Solutions is ITAR registered.

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