SC Solutions: Value Through Innovation.

SC Solutions provides innovative engineering solutions to our clients in the fields of
advanced process control and structural engineering.
Our engineers are among the most talented in their fields.
They bring deep experience and extraordinary focus to their work and deliver exceptional results.

Our Services

SC Solutions Control Engineering provides custom process control and modeling solutions to semiconductor manufacturing, advanced materials manufacturing, energy, aerospace, and defense industries.

Our high-performance, model-based control software is used in key processes in integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing.

Our controllers help our customers extract maximum performance out of their equipment. We leverage our physics-based models for equipment design, virtual sensing and fault diagnostics.

Additionally, we conduct innovative research in control systems.

SC Solutions Structural Engineering provides solutions to owners and designers of critical infrastructure seeking to understand and mitigate risks associated with high-consequence structural performance. 

We combine our technical expertise and unique experience with advanced technologies to help our clients realistically characterize the behavior and performance of structures subjected to extreme events.  This ensures that facilities and systems are maintained for safe and reliable operation under even the most demanding conditions.

Featured Projects & Case Studies

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