SC Solutions staff are providing their insight and experience relating to the space industry to the ASME Robotics Technology Group (RTG). The RTG is conducting a Robotics Roadmapping Session on Sunday, August 14, 2022 in conjunction with IDETC-CIE. The workshop includes thought-provoking speakers/panelists and a facilitated, topical breakout workshop. As part of the RTG, SC Solutions Lead Engineer Nathan C. D. Rogers is helping to coordinate the session as well as leading one of the workshop groups. The workshop goal is to develop a Robotics Roadmap for the ASME that captures mechanical and physical necessities, and bridges the gaps between AI and integration challenges. The focus will be on the future of U.S. robotics technology development and its societal impact with the end goal of producing a roadmap and set of implementable recommendations, which will be published in a co-authored ASME white paper.

Additional information on the workshop can be found here.

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