Your Partner in Maximizing Equipment Performance

Equipment performance is critical in today’s high-tech industry. Whether manufacturing integrated circuits using hundreds of complex processing steps, or bright-light LED’s using MOCVD reactors, the performance of the manufacturing equipment ultimately affects the performance, quality, and cost of the end product. More often than not, equipment hardware is operating at performance levels below what is possible.

At SC Solutions we provide control software that can significantly improve equipment performance. Our model-based control solutions incorporate a physics-based model of the system into a high-performance controller to achieve performance near the limits of the hardware.  Understanding the performance-relevant aspects of your process and equipment is our starting point. Our next step is translating that understanding to a control-relevant physics-based model. Next, our experienced control experts use this model to develop a high-performance controller that maximizes your equipment performance. The final step is to implement this controller on one of many possible computer platforms using our field-tested controller framework. The end result is a unique model-based controller that provides your equipment with its best possible performance.

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