Operating Values

SC Solutions was founded in 1987 with a clear focus on delivering services that provide unparalleled value for our clients. We are an innovative engineering company, with a proven ability to apply deep domain knowledge across disciplines to solve difficult problems. We are reliable, and we are rigorous, thorough, and detailed in our approach. We love challenges and new frontiers.

We value integrity, creativity, excellence, and effectiveness in our staff and strive to provide an environment where the best, the brightest, and the most creative are retained, inspired, and unleashed.

Many of the projects we work on are proprietary, mission-critical, and long-term. Customer confidentiality is a top priority for us. Our dedication to engineering excellence, trust and respect are the foundation for our long-standing relationships with clients and the community.

At SC Solutions, quality is paramount. We monitor quality at each stage of development, and require that all employees show commitment to quality objectives. To support this policy, SC Solutions has implemented a Quality Management System compliant with industry standards and is committed to continuous quality and process improvement.

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