Finite element (FE) analysis is often required for vulnerability assessment and retrofit design of bridges, particularly for performance-based design and/or in high seismic zones.  These FE models are often diligently generated and verified by public transportation agencies and their consultant contractors.  These models can be a valuable resource for future use, if the models are readily usable.  SC Solutions has developed the proprietary software, BridgeIMAGE, to maintain finite element models in a format-neutral database and to provide a tool to public agencies for long term asset management.

The following is a summary of the capabilities of BridgeIMAGE:

  • Compatible with a variety of commercial structural analysis software including ADINA, CSiBridge, ANSYS, and many more.
  • A standard database format for maintaining consistency of models across different analysis software platforms.
  • Capability to output models to newer versions of supported software.
  • Option to tailor software to specifications and requirements.
  • Easy to use user’s interface.

BridgeIMAGE can also be used for long term asset management:

  • A system to efficiently update the FE model based on existing conditions, including structural upgrades, and to catalog such changes in the structure.
  • Capacity criteria and local component capacities can be stored by BridgeIMAGE for future evaluations.
  • Post-event analysis can be executed efficiently to direct maintenance crews to inspect the predicted regions of damage.
  • Tailored solutions to take advantage of existing FE models for other uses (e.g. load rating, permit load evaluations, widening studies, etc.)

SC Solutions provides software technical support, training, and consulting services to BridgeIMAGE clients.

For more information about BridgeIMAGE, please contact

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