Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering Division provides tailored services and tools to a wide range of civil/structural/mechanical industries, based on 25+ years of experience in high-end numerical analysis of complex infrastructure systems.  We continuously improve our unique and advanced tools and techniques, and deploy them on projects to assess diverse critical infrastructure subjected to extreme loads and events such as earthquakes, dynamic impact, thermal shock, construction transients, and soil-structure-fluid interaction effects.  Our technical expertise and innovative approaches benefit our facility owner, designer, and contractor clients alike. We provide services in the areas of performance-based design, analysis and simulation, conceptual design development, design and construction optimization, vulnerability assessment, retrofit validation, risk assessment and mitigation, design criteria development, independent reviews, and many more.  We can assist you today with ensuring the safety and reliability of your facility for years to come.

The Structural Engineering Division of SC Solutions is now part of Structural Integrity Associates, Inc, an SI Solutions company. We look forward to serving additional sectors and providing diverse solutions with our extensive team expertise. Check out Structural Integrity’s website to learn more about our extended offerings.

CIS Critical Infrastructure Solutions


Bridges, tunnels, and underground structures for roadway, transit, and rail transportation.


Commercial and government nuclear facilities for power production, research, fuel fabrication, and spent fuel storage.

Oil & Gas

Onshore and offshore facilities for oil and gas exploration, production, storage, and distribution.


Storage, conveyance, and processing structures like dams, reservoirs, tanks, pipelines, aqueducts, and treatment plants.

Ports & Marine Terminals

Wharf and seawalls for container and bulk handling terminals and generalized waterfront.

Advanced Technology

Protection of mission-critical assets and technology R&D in aerospace, electronics, healthcare, and other sensitive industries.

Products & Solutions

SC Solutions offers innovative products to structural engineering clients, including software and integrated solutions.


SC Solutions provides engineering services in a number of areas, in an arrangement that fits the needs of your project.


SC Solutions engineers have published and presented cutting-edge papers on a range of structural engineering topics.
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