SC Solutions’ proprietary Soil Structure Interaction (SSI) analysis tool, SC-SASSI, is available to clients through license and can be run on the client’s own hardware or on SC Solutions’ in-house High Performance Computing (HPC) platform.  SC Solutions’ engineers are industry leaders in SSI and provide analysis and consulting services using SC-SASSI.

First introduced in 2012, SC-SASSI is based on the classic System for Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction (SASSI) code originally developed at UC Berkeley, but has been rewritten from the ground up for today’s high-performance computing (HPC) platforms.  The HPC capabilities of SC-SASSI result in tremendous improvements to model size and analysis speed.

SC-SASSI can execute existing models significantly faster than the same model runs on previous versions of SASSI, given equivalent hardware.  Models that used to take days to run can now be run in minutes using SC-SASSI.  Additionally, SC-SASSI can take full advantage of the latest computing technology, thus allowing engineers to create and execute dramatically larger models.  With SC-SASSI, SC Solutions continues to expand the limits of SSI analysis and has successfully run 45,000 interaction node SSI models in-house, and 90,000 interaction node models using offsite supercomputers.

SC-SASSI can improve the analysis timeline for tight project schedules, as well as provide more detailed analyses with more granular data.  Greater accuracy can be obtained with SC-SASSI because more complex models can be feasibly executed. This reduces the number of sensitivity studies required to justify modeling simplifications often necessitated by limitations of other versions of SASSI.  SC-SASSI’s advanced capabilities also make it well suited to considering problems related to deep embedment, soft soils, structure-soil structure interaction (SSSI), and non-uniform foundations.

SC-SASSI provides complete alignment with structural finite element models (such as ANSYS and GT STRUDL), simultaneous input of three components of input motions, support for ground motion incoherency and integrated post-processing.  SC-SASSI has been developed for ease of use and compatibility with other versions of SASSI.  SC Solutions provides software technical support, training, and consulting services to SC-SASSI clients.

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SC-SASSI Improvements to Traditional SASSI Modules

SC-SASSI Improvements to Traditional SASSI Modules


SC  Solutions has been providing leading-edge analysis for the structural engineering community since 1987 and its engineers are experts in the development and use of advanced analysis tools such as DYNA-3D, ADINA, ANSYS, SASSI, and many more.

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