Model-Based Controllers

SC Solutions’ Model-Based Controller (MBC) software makes up its flagship line of products. With thousands of controller licenses sold and operating in fabs world-wide, many continue to run without a problem for over a decade. Each MBC software is comprised of custom controller algorithms implemented using SC’s proprietary real-time SC-x™ framework, and delivers superior equipment performance. Typically, these high-performance controllers are seamlessly integrated into our customers’ real-time software framework.

MBC Features & Benefits

  • Optimized to extract maximum performance from your specific equipment.
  • Implemented in our proven SC-x™ real-time framework for rapid development and deployment.
  • Platform-agnostic with respect to computing hardware and real time operating system.
  • Easily tunable.
  • Custom user-interfaces, ranging from well-documented API to intuitive Graphical User Interfaces.

Model-based control takes any guess work out of a complex control design process, especially for systems with multiple actuators and sensors. The model-based approach provides physically meaningful tuning parameters for the process engineer.

More information and answers to some common questions regarding MBC can be found here. To find out if an MBC solution would benefit your specific situation, please contact us here.


MBC Flowchart

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