SC Solutions, a member of SEMI™, and a leader in use of digital twin technology for the semiconductor industry, gave a presentation and participated in a panel discussion on digital twin technology, which has gained significant traction in a variety of industries and is now in its early stages of adoption by the semiconductor industry. The development of full tool or full-process level semiconductor digital twins is challenging but has the potential to significantly improve the productivity & quality of operations. A digital twin (DT) of a semiconductor manufacturing equipment is a purpose-driven dynamic model of the system with predictive capabilities that is continually updated with sensor data. SC develops real-time models of equipment subsystems that are components of digital twins.
The workshop, the first of its kind sponsored by SEMI, brought together members of the ecosystem (OEMs, Platforms, end users, and more) for a discussion of the various levels of digital twins needed, the development challenges, opportunities, and recommendations. The workshop was beneficial for developers and end-users of digital twins to understand the challenges and scope of development effort required to create and deploy such digital twin systems in manufacturing. More information about SEMI’s Digital Twin Workshop can be found here and SC Solutions’ presentation can be found here.

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