SC Solutions is pleased to announce that Chris Larsen will take on the role of Chief Executive Officer & President of SC Solutions beginning June 1, 2023.  Greg Loy, co-founder, and former Chief Executive Officer & President, will continue as Chairman of the Board for the company.

Mr. Larsen joined SC Solutions in 2021 and, while at SC, has held the role of Director of Structural Engineering, as well as the role of Chief Operating Officer.  Previously, Mr. Larsen was Vice President, Critical Structures, for Structural Integrity Associates, President of IMI Nuclear in Switzerland, and held the roles of Senior Vice President, Operations, and Vice President & Chief Nuclear Officer for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Mr. Larsen also held executive roles at Control Components, Incorporated and General Electric.

Founded in 1987, SC Solutions is a key provider of advanced structural engineering solutions for critical infrastructure projects; aerospace engineering solutions; advanced model-based control systems solutions for the  semiconductor manufacturing and advanced materials manufacturing industries as well as for the energy, aerospace, and defense industries; control software for integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing, and innovative advanced research solutions in control systems engineering.

Mr. Loy said, “It has been truly rewarding to work with all the talented employees of SC Solutions to build the company into what it is today. Our engineers are very experienced with deep knowledge in their fields, are extremely innovative, and dedicated to quality.  We have worked on many exciting projects in the 30 years since the company was founded, breaking new ground in earthquake engineering, nuclear engineering, high-speed rail, control systems, semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing, as well as aerospace control and design.  Since joining us in 2021, Chris Larsen has provided valuable leadership for the team.  He has significant relevant prior engineering experience as well as significant leadership experience.  I know the company is in good hands.”

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