Dr. Abbas Emami-Naeini and Dr. Dick de Roover attended the 2018 Advanced Process Control (APC) conference at the Airport Hilton Hotel in Austin, TX October 8-11. SC Solutions sponsored the reception in this 30th year of the conference which addressed the APC needs and solutions for the semiconductor and related industries that also require high precision manufacturing. The conference provided an opportunity to network with experts and managers from a broad cross-section of the semiconductor, memory, LED, solar devices, flat panel, MEMS, and other relevant manufacturing industries. It brought together manufacturers, equipment suppliers, software solution providers, sensor, and metrology suppliers. The conference focused on recent technical advancements, current challenges, and future needs and trends in process control. SC presented a talk based on the paper titled “Model-Based Profile Control for 200mm CMP: Easier than 300mm CMP or Not?”.  The abstract of the paper can be found here, and the presentation slides may be found here.


Dr. Dick de Roover presents at the 2018 Advanced Process Control (APC) conference in Austin.

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