The 2013 Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting was held January 13-17, 2013 in Washington, D.C. One of the presentations at the conference featured the work of SC Solutions.

“I-90 Track Bridge Project for Sound Transit” was presented by John Harrison of Parsons Brinkerhoff and John Sleavin of Sound Transit on Tuesday, January 15, 2012. Analysis and reports prepared by SC Solutions were a highlight of the presentation.

SoundTransit’s EastLink project requires the installation of LRT tracks on the Homer Hadley Bridge, a pontoon bridge that carries I-90 across Lake Washington. Where the gloating bridge connects to the fixed approach spans the tracks will need to adjust to handle significant longitudinal, lateral and rotational movement without interruptions to LRT operations. The Track Bridge and Prototype Project is a research project for the development of track system capable of handling these challenges.

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