SC Solutions is excited to announce that the Control Engineering Division has opened an office in ‘Silicon Forest’, the high-tech industrial area in Portland, Oregon.  The new office is in the Durham Office Center, centrally located near Bridgeport Village just off Interstate I-5.  Since establishing a presence in the Portland area in 2005, SC Solutions has organically expanded in the area. SC views Oregon as a strategic location for continued growth and success in the future.

The Oregon office will continue to play a critical role in achieving the Control Division’s mission of providing custom process control and modeling solutions to semiconductor manufacturing, advanced materials manufacturing, energy, aerospace, and defense industries. Our high-performance, model-based control software is used in key processes in integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing and help our customers extract maximum performance out of their equipment by leveraging physics-based models for equipment design, virtual sensing, and fault diagnostics.

Contact information for the Portland Office and our other offices can be found here.

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