SC Solutions Inc. is pleased to have been selected to serve as the engineering supplier for Seismic Protection for Mechanical, Electrical & Miscellaneous Equipment to support the construction of a communications center (FTG233) for the Missile Defense Integration & Operations Center (MDIOC) at Fort Greely Air Force Station in Alaska. The US Army Corps of Engineers is managing the project, with Engineering firm Black & Veatch providing architect-engineering services and construction by Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc. SC Solutions has been contracted by Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc. to provide structural seismic design and certification of non-structural components throughout the facility.

“We are delighted by the opportunity to provide structural seismic design and support services for this mission critical defense facility,” says Alex Krimotat, Vice President at SC Solutions. “SC Solutions uniquely possesses the necessary technical expertise and experience to ensure the resiliency of a critical facility to perform its mission after extreme earthquake events.”

SC Solutions provides advanced structural engineering for components, structures, and facilities that experience extreme event loading such as earthquake, wind, and blast.

“By offering our seismic certification services we have created a comprehensive approach to assure the seismic protection of mission critical components,” said Dr. Derrick Watkins, Vice President, Structures, at SC Solutions. SC Solutions is experienced at leading projects including experience in Risk Category IV & V facilities, UFC 3-310-04, Specification for Seismic Protection for Mechanical, Electrical & Miscellaneous Equipment (Mechanical: 13 48 00.03 10, Electrical: 26 05 48.03 10, and Miscellaneous: 13 48 00.03 00). “We will be managing all aspects of the equipment seismic certification portion of the scope, offering up a total solution,” said Watkins.

SC Solutions offers several types of certification services to its clients. We have extensive analysis capabilities to deploy toward your seismic, blast, or wind certification needs. And a nationwide range of testing locations we can call on to support our clients’ qualification needs.

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