SC Solutions’ Senior Analyst Nathan Rogers was invited to share his experience and perspective at the 2023 SmallSat Symposium. He will be giving a technical brief on the importance of structural engineering in today’s evolving space industry on February 7th at 2pm PST.

Structural engineering is the literal backbone of spacecraft design, yet it is frequently taken for granted. However, proper structural design, analysis, and test are foundational for getting to space and vital for mission success. All aspects of a spacecraft are subjected to violent loads during launch, extreme temperature ranges, and unique operating environments where traditional terrestrial technology frequently will not work.

The technical talk will highlight the challenges faced by structural engineers designing for this space environment, give examples of varying factors to be considered in design, and the types of material utilized for optimum performance.

Registration information for the event can be found here.

Full Agenda for the Symposium can be found here.

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