SC Solutions is pleased to welcome Dr. Norman Abrahamson, a leading authority in engineering seismology, to our team.

Dr. Abrahamson has made invaluable contributions to advancing scientific knowledge and practical applications in the fields of seismic hazard assessment, engineering seismology, and earthquake engineering. He has extensive experience in ground motion development, risk assessment, and seismic criteria development for hundreds of projects including; dams, bridges, nuclear facilities, water and gas pipelines, rail lines, ports, hospitals, and other structures.

Recognition for Dr. Abrahamson’s outstanding achievements includes his having received the Bruce A. Bolt Medal (2012) and his election to the National Academy of Engineering (2018).

Dr. Abrahamson is a past member of the board of directors for the Seismological Society of America, the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, and the Consortium of Organizations for Strong Motion Observation Systems. Dr. Abrahamson has taught courses in his areas of expertise at a number of universities and is currently on the faculty of the University of California at both the Berkeley and Davis campuses.

Dr. Abrahamson has been published in a number of journals and conference proceedings including Earthquake Spectra, the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, the Journal of Structural Engineering, the Journal of Seismology, and both the National Conference on Earthquake Engineering and the World Conference on Earthquake Engineering.

We are excited to have the opportunity of working with Dr. Abrahamson to improve the practical application of advanced engineering, and to enhance the value of services we provide to our clients.

Welcome aboard Norm!


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