SC Solutions’ Chris Underhill will present “Comparison of Design and Test Loads and Factors for Modern Launch Vehicles” at the Aerospace Corporation’s 2023 Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle (SCLV) Dynamic Environments Workshop.

Chris’ talk will explore the current revolution in the satellite launch industry and implications for satellite design. Due to technological developments, increasing payload performance, and market competition driving down launch costs, hitching a ride to space has never been cheaper, easier, and more flexible. These economics have driven many to the Rideshare method of delivery to orbit. With this newfound ease, however, caution must be exercised. The wide array of launchers and rideshares may have significantly different requirements, restrictions, and loads. This presentation seeks to survey the loads and required factors for design and test of the various launchers and rideshare configurations currently on the market for western nations.

The SCLV will be held in-person at the Aerospace Corporation HQ in El Segundo, California on June 27-29, 2023.

See you there! Information for the event can be found here.

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