feedback-control-7th-edFeedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 7/e covers the material that every engineer, and most scientists and prospective managers, needs to know about feedback control, including concepts like stability, tracking, and robustness. Each chapter presents the fundamentals along with comprehensive, worked-out examples, all within a real-world context and with historical background information. The authors also provide case studies with close integration of MATLAB throughout.

The book is available for purchase at the publisher’s web site: Pearson

There is also a graduate level book on this material that focuses on digital implementations entitled: Digital Control of Dynamic Systems.

Download MATLAB m, mdl, and slx files (zip archive, 1.06 mb).

Table of Contents

Detailed table of contents (pdf, 72.7 kB).

Chapter 1: An Overview and Brief History of Feedback Control

Chapter 2: Dynamic Models

Chapter 3: Dynamic Response

Chapter 4: A First Analysis of Feedback

Chapter 5: The Root-locus Design Method

Special M-files for root-locus (zip archive, 2.0 kB).

Chapter 6: The Frequency-response Design Method

Special M-files for Bode plots (zip archive, 932 bytes).
Paper on the shapes of Nyquist plots (pdf, 1.4 MB).

Chapter 7: State-space Design

Chapter 8: Digital Control

Chapter 9: Nonlinear Systems

Chapter 10: Control Systems Design: Principles and Case Studies

Appendix A: Laplace Transforms
Appendix B: Solutions to Review Problems
Appendix C: Matlab Commands


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