Recent studies have demonstrated that the capital cost of new nuclear is not dominated by the Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) and balance-of-plant (BOP) technologies, but rather by the indirect costs, i.e. how the plants are built (including labor costs), engineering costs (including licensing) and owner’s costs (especially interest during construction). Therefore, cross-cutting technologies that can reduce the indirect costs and construction schedule for any NSSS design warrant careful consideration.  One example of such technologies is advanced seismic isolation, allowing for site-independent design of NSSS structures, systems, and components (SSCs).  Seismic isolation is one promising innovation amongst several that are highlighted in a plenary session, in the hope that they will be considered for adoption by the nuclear industry in the next wave of nuclear power plant builds.  This presentation builds off of successful collaborative research and development efforts of many years, working to mature the application of seismic isolation technology to the nuclear industry.  Specifically, this presentation demonstrates the technical basics of how seismic isolation is effective in protecting nuclear power plant SSCs during an earthquake, and provides design context for how implementation of seismic isolation at nuclear power plants yields tremendous benefits which can significantly reduce construction cost.

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