Arbitrary Lagrangian – Eulerian (ALE) methodology has been used in Fluid – Structure Interaction (FSI) analyses with LS-DYNA® for a variety of problems. Validation of ALE solutions by comparison with experimental data provides assurance that the solutions represent the physical world. A water tank under horizontal harmonic excitation tested by O. M. Faltinsen and O. F. Rognebakke [1] is used for validation. The experimental time histories of water surface motion are compared to those obtained from the ALE solution. Both free surface sloshing and the wave impact with the roof are analyzed and compared. The LS-DYNA® analytical results match the experimental data very well. Different ALE formulations and mesh densities are explored and their respective solution times are compared. In addition, the ALE and experimental maximum wave heights are compared with the prediction by closed form solutions.

[1] Faltinsen, O. M., Rognebakke, O. F., “Sloshing and slamming in tanks”, In HYDRONAV 9̕9 – MANOEUVRING 9̕9: Joint 13th International Conference on Hydrodynamics in Ship Design, 2nd International Symposium on Ship Maneuvering; Gdańsk – Ostróda, Poland, 22 – 24 September 1999, 1999 Conference paper.


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