Berth 22 Reconstruction Project

Soil-Structure Interaction Seismic Analysis



Seismic Analysis and Design


Oakland, California


Port of Oakland

​SC Solutions was contracted to evaluate the seismic performance of the proposed Berth 22 designs at the Port of Oakland, particularly to properly capture the soil-structure interaction effects in three-dimensional space. Berth 22 is 261.2 m (867 ft.) long and services container ships with an A frame crane. An analytical 3D model was created to enable the system to perform under various seismic events. The model was tested under standard pushover analysis as well as with time-history analyses.

Advanced analytical procedures were applied with the performance-based MOTEMS (Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards) criteria in mind, and with a focus on the following aspects:

  • Determination of Wharf Capability at Multiple Performance Levels
  • Investigation of Various Pile Head Details
  • Investigation of Dike Geometry Effects
  • Explicit Consideration of Dike Movement

The results of the analyses provided designers the necessary information to address many key performance issues, in addition to providing considerable insight into the behavior of the structural system.

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