Offshore Deck Seismic Isolation Concept Study

Nonlinear Dynamic Response Study for a Seismically Isolated Platform



Nonlinear Seismic Analysis




ExxonMobil Development Company

SC Solutions was engaged to evaluate the response of a prototype concrete gravity-based structure using friction pendulum bearings (FPB). The goals of the study were to determine the change in platform and deck demands from a pinned-supported deck to a deck supported by FPBs as well as to investigate the sensitivities of the FPB supported deck to variations in platform dynamic properties and bearing design properties.

An ADINA nonlinear time domain model of the structure was constructed to evaluate the FPB, platform demands, and deck demands. The analysis of the prototype concrete gravity-based structure included various seismic ground motions and required special modeling techniques to model the isolation of the deck from the platform using the FPBs.

SC Solutions was able to provide sensitivity studies for the FPB supported deck and trends for the platform and deck demands.

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