Wind Certification

Wind Compliance Ensures Robust Equipment Behavior and Protects Essential Services

Wind Certification

SC Solutions’ staff have expertise in wind loading and analysis, debris impact loading and analysis, and in providing wind compliance support to our clients with facilities subjected to wind and wind debris loading.

Wind certification, also referred to as wind compliance, is a product approval in which equipment for buildings are evaluated for their ability to withstand the effects of wind and wind-borne debris.

The goals of wind certification are to ensure that:

  • Equipment for buildings remains in place (anchorage stays intact).
  • Pieces or portions of equipment do not detach and pose a threat to life-safety or other equipment.
  • Essential facilities (hospitals, police and fire stations, emergency shelters, military installations, data centers, nuclear facilities, etc.) are able to function and provide critical services following a wind event.

Wind certification or analysis for wind loading is required for most buildings, and it is not limited to just essential facilities. Consideration of wind effects is an essential part of building design.

In addition to our extensive analysis capabilities, SC Solutions has a number of test facilities upon which we can call in order to support your wind qualification needs.

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